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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Was Madeleines' Make-Up Photo taken on Sunday and connected to her death?

I think it’s worth summarising at this point some of the main reasons why the Make-Up Photo is so suspicious and why it may well have been taken on the very same days as the Last Photo (i.e. Sunday 29 April).
I can think of 23 reasons.
1.      When it was first published, it was by Jon Corner, not the McCanns
2.      The McCanns had had three years in which to publish it. They did not do so
3.      When the photo was published, they made up a story about it being taken when Madeleine was ‘playing with Mummy’s dressing-up box’, which was clearly untrue
4.      They have never disclosed who took that photo
5.      The photo has clearly been cropped
6.      It is possible that they themselves do not know who took that photo
7.      We do not know why Jon Corner chose to publish not only the Make-Up Photo but also, in the same short film, the ‘Ice Cream’ photo and the ‘Skirting Board’ photo
8.      Dozens of people commented on social media that the Make-Up Photo looked like a ‘Lolita’ photo and even the Independent newspaper and Mark Williams-Thomas (!) condemned it as highly inappropriate
9.      The stucco background (whether ‘cream’, ‘yellow’, ‘ochre’ or ‘orange’) is untypical of the British Isles but very typical of the Portuguese Algarve coast
10.  Excluding the controversial ‘Tennis Balls’ photo (which was apparently taken by two different people on two different days), we have NO photos of Madeleine taken after lunchtime on Sunday 29 April – except perhaps this one, the Make-Up Photo
There are also these very specific reasons for thinking that an adult dressed and made up Madeleine and that the Make-Up Photo was taken on the same day (Sunday) as the Last Photo:
11.  Madeleine’s hair length is the same as on the Last Photo      
12.  Madeleine’s hair colour is the same as on the Last Photo    
13.  Out of the dozens of videos and photos we have of Madeleine, hardly any have hair beads on her
14.  Both the Last Photo and the Make-Up Photo show Madeleine wearing hair beads. They may not be identical, or in the same place on her head, but clearly the same adult who dressed Madeleine in a hair bead for the Last Photo, could have put on another one for the Make-Up Photo
15.  Madeleine could not have put the necklace on herself
16.  Madeleine has blue eyeshadow on her, which is extremely unlikely to have been applied by herself
17.  It is very likely clear, especially when the photo is enlarged, that Madeleine has eye-liner carefully applied to her skin below the eye
18.  Similarly, someone seems also to have applied eye-liner to her skin above the eye    
19.  According to some who have viewed this photo, Madeleine might be wearing lipstick  
20.  In the Make-Up Photo, Madeleine is wearing a pink dress or top with shoulder straps. This could be the same garment as she is seen wearing on the Last Photo
21.  Madeleine is not smiling; she looks stiff, miserable and afraid
22.  Madeleine’s pupils are very large
23.  She seems to stare out at the camera with a kind of catatonic stare.


Linda Bishop said...

No 3 year old could apply eyeliner so neatly

Scam Warner said...

I personally believe she was dead when the photo was taken, in short, a post mortem picture. That would be deeply sinister and if it was, one could wonder at the whole perversity of it. You can't put anything past a couple who stuffed their daughter's corpse in the back of a hired car 3 weeks later to dispose of it, as the doga tell us. I am a member of the public who refuses to be scammed by any of it.
Honest Gov. SPG Admin