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Friday, 11 October 2013

Transcript of Interview with Wendy Murphy - Fox News Oct 10 2013

Investigators are hoping that new information will help solve the mystery of what happened to Madeleine McCann.

She, of course, is the 3-year-old British girl who disappeared while mon vacation more than six years ago.

Now Scotland Yard is planning to release a new, computerised sketch that shows a possible suspect.

Wendy Murphy is a former prosecutor and child advocate and she joins us now.

Hi Wendy!

WM: Good to be with you.

P: Finally, finally, six years later, investigators are releasing a computerised sketch of a – who – we – they call possibly a suspect – er, or a ‘person of interest – a suspect that people saw around the vacation complex that night.

What took them so long?

WM: Er, er, I hope you don’t mind if I duck the – that question, because I’m not buying it.

I mean, er, I think this is more PR than anything.

There, er, in my opinion is no new suspect and there never will be a new suspect unless and until the parents answer questions.

Remember – Kate McCann, poor Madeleine’s Mum, refused to answer 48 questions –

P: Er, Wendy…

WM: Now they hired a team of lawyers right away

P: Wendy

WM: Ah, but this is important, she refused to anser – she hired lawyers straightaway. She refuses to answer 48 questions, things like: ‘What did you see when you walked into the room where your child was supposed to be sleeping?’ I mean, I’m so not interested in being dragged down a rabbit hole about a fake suspect. I think this is all related to a civil suit now under way in Portugal. The McCanns sued the former police chief for defamation,

P: Because he wrote his book…

WM: And now... Kate wants…

P: Wait. This alleged,

WM: Kate wants

P: Wait, Wendy, hold on, let me tell you the other side of this – er, because there’s a lot of evidence on the side of the parents being completely innocent as well. They say that the Portuguese police never took the case seriously. They never did the kind of investigation that we would certainly have done here in the U.S, - which is…talking to other people at the vacation complex where, where they were vacating in Portugal.

Further, Kate and Gerry, the parents, have appealed to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, for help on this investigation. Is that something you would do if you’re trying to stay under the radar? - and you feel guilty?

WM: Do you hire the nation’s biggest defence attorneys, PR firms and refuse to answer questions? The Portuguese police did a very good job – and the PR misinformation, especially in this country, is doing a disservice to this poor little girl who is dead, I believe – and has no voice.

The libel suit currently under way in Portugal is important because the McCanns sued that police chief, claiming he lied about them in his book.

Now Kate McCann wants to testify in writing – because she doesn’t want to submit to cross-examination.

I think this is all related to that - and this whole ‘new suspect thing’ is again part of them trying to distract attention from the fact that, as parents of a missing, probably dead child, what are you doing?! – not answering questions?!


P: It’s such a tough one, I – er – I - as you know, this has gripped our country, and Europe – to try to find this little girl – and when things like Elizabeth Smart’s parents…put out a book – and then she is found – she came home, you still have hope that maybe Madeleine McCann is alive and can come home – against all odds.

Good to see you. Wendy, thanks so much for your, er, theory.

Good to talk.

(Wendy Murphy smiles)


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