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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

McCann Detective - Arthur Cowley`s bogus company

The British press would have you believe that the McCann`s have hired a team of crack detectives, in fact the they have often, referred to them as "Alpha Group Investigations". 

Alpha Investigations Group is a completely different company and have no connection with the McCanns or with their detectives.  Alpha Group Investigations does not exist. 

Shortly after it was publicly announced that the McCanns had employed a firm of private investigators, June 10 2009 to be precise, Arthur Cowley set up "Alphaig Limited" Company Registration no: 06929397 at companies house. 

Alphaig Limited, is a one man band with Arthur Cowley as the sole shareholder. 

The registered office is:

Pant Y Gof

The registered office of Alphaig Limited is also the cottage pictured above

The first accounts of Alphaig Limited showed that it held fixed assets of only £630, a bank balance of £854 and made profits in its first year of £8

It should also be noted that Alphaig has no website or contact details and does not appear in any telephone directory, so anyone who is not a McCann could not get in touch if they wished to employ the services of this company.  More worrying is the fact that anyone with information on Madeleine McCann could not easily contact the private investigators, even more so because the press has very cunningly and falsly named the firm as "Alpha Group Investigations" and not "Alphaig Limited".

In summary we have a very small company run from a private cottage in Halkyn, Flintshire with next to no assets and very little cash, in fact the company has no resources to speak of and makes no profit.  It has no website or contact details, no clients apart from the McCanns and evidently no staff.

Clearly this company does not have the necessary resources or expertise to locate a missing person.

We may ask ourselves, why does Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns and the press refer to this almost dormant company as "Alpha Group Investigations"?

How can they justify portraying this firm publicly as a "team of crack detectives"?

The McCanns claim to pay thousands to their private detectives, but we have seen that there are no resources available in Alphaig Limited to search for Madeleine, so where is this money, where has it been spent? 

Has Alphaig really received thousands of pounds to fund the search for Madeleine and made a profit of only £8 in a full year?

Kate McCann wants you to buy her new book of which she says the proceeds will go towards the search for Madeleine, she also states that the only people looking for Madeleine are their private detectives, according to them a great team of crack detectives but in reality it is Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley.

We can confirm that all McCann operations are run not from Halkyn, but from a house in Knutsford, owned by Brian Kennedy.  In fact, one of Brian Kennedy’s right-hand men, Andrew Dickman, registered the domain name on 12 January 2009

You may wish to consider these facts before buying Kate McCann`s 'Very Truthful' Book

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